School Philosophy

Welcome to St. Joseph the Worker School!

St. Joseph the Worker School, established in 1997, is a center for learning, committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ and his Church.  It provides Catholic educational opportunities designed to promote, build, strengthen, and unify our faith community.  It is a positive and engaging environment in which students can grow in mind, body, and spirit.

The school strives to nurture the growth of each student's relationship with God and with the community through prayer, liturgy, and service.  We invite all parents to become involved in this growth process.  We encourage an open, honest communication between parents, students, and teachers.  The goal of St. Joseph the Worker School is to extend Catholic values initiated in the home.

We endeavor to create a student-centered environment guided by the life of Jesus, who shows us the pathway to His Father.  Teachers strive to establish an atmosphere where mutual respect is fostered among all.  Working together, administrators, teachers, parents, and staff members of St. Joseph the Worker School structure a loving, student-centered environment supporting the Catholic formation of the whole child.

St. Joseph the Worker School has a tradition of graduating students that excel in academics and preparing them for the future in mind, body, and spirit. Explore our web site to learn more about our school.  Our school community welcomes you and your family! 

School Mission Statement

St. Joseph the Worker School provides a quality Catholic education for children in early education through eighth grade.  Our school focuses on the teachings of the Gospel while pursuing academic excellence.  We are a positive, supportive and welcoming community that strives to develop faith, academics, values, and service to others.  We work to establish a strong Catholic identity while developing the academic skills necessary to meet the demands of an ever-changing and diverse world.  Our mission is to encourage our students to develop Catholic values and critical thinking skills needed for the 21st century.


Our Students

Students are the heart and soul of St. Joseph the Worker and we couldn't be more proud of how they represent our school, their families and most importantly, Jesus.  We hear from many that having a school with a culture of honesty, kindness, respect and personal responsibility makes our school a safe and fun place for the students to learn.  There are a variety of ways that students interact with each other from prayer partners and academics, to sports and art and music.  There truly is something for everyone at St. Joseph the Worker!


Our Teachers & Staff

Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to the pursuit of guiding the students toward realization of their fullest potential.  This goal is accomplished by our teachers' regular participation in spiritual retreats, academic conferences, and educational workshops.  Regular evaluation of the staff by the principal encourages both communication and personal reflection necessary for professional growth.  While soliciting the input of the faculty, the administration is ultimately responsible for the formation of school guidelines following Diocesan policy.  Guidelines are designed to encourage the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth in a developmentally appropriate and sequential manner.  The full time teachers at St. Joseph the Worker School are required to be Pennsylvania State Certified.

The administrative staff and teachers understand their work is more than a job or career ~ it is a commitment to a ministry. Joined in a community of faith, they challenge students to embrace the Gospel values that Jesus taught: faith in God, prayer and service, love and respect for self and others, compassion and responsibility, dignity and integrity, peace and justice.


Our Parents

Our thriving school community exists due to the dedication not only of our staff, but also because of our wonderful parents.  Education is a team effort.  We are grateful to the parents who support our staff and programs.  St. Joseph the Worker School parents are truly special!