St. Joseph the Worker School Board



The role of the St. Joseph the Worker Board of Limited Jurisdiction in collaboration with the pastor, Msgr. Robert J. Wargo, is to promote and advance the mission of our school.  In keeping with the principles of the Roman Catholic Church and in partnership with the principal the board and pastor work to ensure that St. Joseph the Worker School fulfills its mission of forming each child for the common good, is financially and operationally sustainable, and provides a course of education as prescribed by the Diocese of Allentown and the applicable policies, roles, and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The 2017/2018 Board members are as follows:

Board Chairperson - Lynn Fuini-Hetten

Executive Committee -  Lynn Fuini-Hetten and Brian Sullivan

Board Members - Bridget Bokansky, John Chaya, Jr., Gerry Schultz, Don Harakal, Mike McShane, Andrea Neagle, Peter Rittenhouse, Donna Spatz