Tuition 2018-2019 per Student per Year

Tuition (Grades K-8)

1st Child                                                                   $4,075.00 + Fees

2nd Child                                                                 $3,600.00 + Fees

3rd Child                                                                  $3,050.00 + Fees

4th Child                                                                  $2,700.00 + Fees

5th Child                                                                   $2,265.00 + Fees

Cost to Educate a Child                                       $6,700.00

Early Childhood Education

Pre-School                                                                $1,700.00 Annual + Fees

Pre-Kindergarten                                                    $1,840.00 Annual + Fees

Transition                                                                 $2,500.00 Annual + Fees

Extended Care

Before and After School Care                             $5.75 per hour + Registration fee

Extended Care Only (ECE Students)                $5.75 per hour (billed in 1/4 hours, with a max of $48/day) + Registration fee


Registration Fee

A $50.00 per student for Early Childhood and for Kindergarten through 8th grade (maximum of $100 per family) non-refundable registration fee is due upon registration.

Book and Technology Fee

$125 per student for students in kindergarten through eighth grade

Tuition Assistance

Need based tuition assistance is available for financial hardship and special circumstances for students in Early Childhood and Kindergarten through 8th grade. Applications are available via FACTS.

Helping Hands Program

Helping Hands is a way to earn tuition credit by purchasing gift cards to many places that you already shop. Helping Hands credits will appear on your tuition invoice. Please see information here.

 Volunteer Hours

By registering for St. Joseph the Worker School, parents make a commitment to be actively involved in the school. Families with children in kindergarten through 8th grade commit to 20 hours of involvement throughout the year. Active parental participation creates further awareness of the school’s total educational program and support for its mission. Families that do not fulfill the volunteer hours will be assessed $25 per hour for every hour under 20 hours.